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Series of"Overseas Talents' China Visit to Shenzhen" Events Successfully Held


Shenzhen, China - A series of"Overseas Talents' China Visit to Shenzhen" eventswere successfully held in Guangming district, Shenzhen from November21 to22. The events were co-organized by Shenzhen Center for International Exchange of Personnel.

The events are hosted by the China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, the Communist Party of China Guangming District Committee, and the Shenzhen Guangming District People's Government.

Presented by Guangming District Talent Work Bureau and Guangming District High-level Talent Service Center and co-organized by Shenzhen International Personnel Exchange Center, the series of events feature visits and exchanges by foreign experts, a forum for global experts and an exchange activity for Chinese and foreign guests named"The Night of Guangming", to name a few.

The foreign experts symposium under"Overseas Talents' China Visit to Shenzhen" was held via video link in Beijing and Shenzhen on the afternoon of November21.

Li Xin, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Foreign Expert Services of China's Ministry of Science and Technology, Xia Bing, Deputy Director of China Association for International Exchange of Personnel, Cheng Buyi, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee and Minister of the Organization Department, Cai Ying, Secretary of the Guangming District Party Committee, attended the meeting and delivered speeches through online and offline channels. Qiu Haohang, Deputy Secretary of the Guangming District Party Committee and Chief of Guangming District, presided over the meeting.

The events gathered academicians and experts from six countries, including the US, the UK, Italy, Germany, France and Cuba, putting the spotlight on topics such as original innovation breakthroughs, scientific research and economic development, talents opening up, and talent highland construction.

Answering the requirements of"facing the world's scientific and technological frontier, facing the main economic battlefield, facing major national strategic needs and facing people's life and health", the series of activities gave Shenzhen a thorough examination and offered suggestions based on the city's industrial development characteristics and its environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Aimed at tapping into the innovation plateau with talents, the events help the Guangming district to speed up the construction of a world-class science city and to become a representative and pioneer for Shenzhen's participation in future technology competitions.

During the events, foreign experts also visited Shenzhen Engineering Biological Industry Innovation Center, Feiyada Museum, Shenzhen Bay Laboratory, Dadingling Greenway -- Hongqiao Park and other research institutes and key enterprises. They listened to the introduction of institutions, and exchanged with scientific and technological personnel, laying the foundation for future cooperation.

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